Sport Fishing

The comfort and freedom of your own cabin with safe moorage within minutes of open ocean and fishing grounds.

Get your gang out on the grounds before anyone else - and be back relaxing with a cool one and an amazing view while everyone else still has a long ride 'home'.

Bring your whole family and let the non-anglers hike, kayak or relax while you are out on 'The Highway' and then let them join you for the evening bite.

Local guides with boats available.

Kayaking and Paddling

Using a base camp allows you to do day trips without all the weight of camping gear.  Just pack a lunch, water and go!

Garden Point, Rosa Island, Nuchatlitz, Catala, Nuchatlitz Inlet, Belmont Point are all a day trip!  Then come home to a hot shower...a "real" bed..a wood stove to get your gear dry AND THEN you are ready for the next day!!

Flynn's Cove boarders on Owossitsa Lake.  This 2 km lake is completely isolated and only accessible through Flynn's Cove.  A nice paddle!  Another option is to take a short portage from the lake right to Pt. Langford and then paddle around Nuchatlitz and back "home".  A bit of a longer day but a very nice trip!

Groups and guides are welcome!

Hike! Swim! Beachcomb! Explore! Relax!

117 Acres of Pacific Northwest Rainforest.  Hikes from entry level to difficult available.  Beach comb at low tide, collect shells, explore, canoe Owossitsa lake, swim in the lake OR the ocean!  Try kayaking in the safety of the cove or take a day trip! Have a campfire with a hot dog roast or find a remote picnic spot.  OR just relax and read on your deck or in front of your fire!

Crews: Pilots, loggers, road builders, tree planters

Full service cabins can be set up with single or double occupancy of rooms.  Full breakfast, lunches and dinners available in an "at home" setting.  Satellite TV.